Door to Wonderland

Embark on a Mystical Quest with “Door to Wonderland” – A Portal to Enchantment in Every Piece!

Dive into a world of fantasy with the “Door to Wonderland” Double-Sided Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle, a masterpiece of imagination and craftsmanship. This 101-piece puzzle, measuring 11.4″ x 7.4″ or 29 cm x 19 cm, offers a magical journey with a unique twist—two captivating worlds captured on each side.


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Front Side: The journey begins with the illustrious Door to Wonderland, set against a radiant, sunlit backdrop. This isn’t just any door; it’s the threshold to an enchanted realm, beckoning adventurers to step through into a magical greenhouse nestled within a lush garden. The vivid imagery and meticulous details invite you to unlock the mysteries that lie beyond.

Back Side: Turning the puzzle over reveals the Wonderland in all its glory. A majestic cat’s head peers through the foliage, overseeing a land where felines bask in the sun and fairies dance in the breeze. Central to this enchanting scene is the Door to Wonderland, seen from within, offering glimpses of the greenhouse through its quaint windows. The presence of a sorcerer and more mystical beings adds depth and intrigue, inviting you to explore every inch of this fantastical landscape.

Craftsmanship and Quality: Constructed from the finest A-grade Poplar Plywood, this puzzle is built to last, ensuring that the Door to Wonderland can be opened again and again. The 1/4″ or 6 mm thickness provides a sturdy feel, allowing each piece to fit snugly and create a seamless picture of wonder.

A Gift of Adventure: Ideal for puzzle enthusiasts, families, and lovers of magic and lore, the “Door to Wonderland” puzzle is more than a pastime—it’s a journey. Perfect for sharing with loved ones, it promises to be a gateway to creating lasting memories, filled with wonder and discovery.

Dimensions and Details:

  • Photographer: Oleg Pochikaev
  • Dimensions: 11.4″ x 7.4″ or 29 cm x 19 cm
  • Piece Count: 101
  • Material and Thickness: A-grade Poplar Plywood, 1/4″ or 6 mm


Discover the magic within and beyond the “Door to Wonderland” – where every piece is a step into a world of imagination and enchantment!

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Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 13.5 × 13.5 cm


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