Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles for Everyone to Enjoy
We offer high-quality wooden jigsaw puzzles with custom artwork & shapes that adds a unique storytelling element for everyone to enjoy.
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Each Puzzle Has Its Own Story

Wooden jigsaw puzzles are our passion and we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality puzzles from the best materials to withstand the tests of time and last for years.

Each puzzle has its story and contains dozens of whimsy pieces that reveal the story of each puzzle. The magic of the puzzles is complemented by the woody aromas and brings tactile joy and relaxation. Marvel as the magnificence unfolds and watch in wonder as the enchanting story reveals itself on the back of your growing puzzle.

We proudly support artists by licensing their artwork. 

Owning a Palmaris wooden jigsaw puzzle is like owning an original piece of art. You’ll be tempted to frame it or pass it on to keep the story alive!

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“Assembling a jigsaw puzzle feels like working towards something meaningful, giving you a true sense of purpose. The enchanting smell of burned wood and the feel of the whimsical pieces indulge my senses.”

Oleg Pochikaev, Founder

Featured Artist

Victor Nizovtsev

A master of oil on canvas, Victor brings to life a magical fantasy world of mermaids, harlequins, angels, folk figures and storybook characters that are recognized and celebrated around the world.

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